The Wein-Gut Nigl hotel and restaurant are located in the Krems Valley - picturesque at the foot of the Senftenberger Kirchenberg. The former reading court of Prince Starhemberg dates to the 12th century and was taken over by the Nigl family in 1994 and used as a winery.

The focus of our vineyards in the Krems Valley, lies in producing Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, with Sauvignon Blanc and Muskateller completing the wine selection. Blauer Zweigelt and Merlot are cultivated in the lime-containing loess layers of the Krems-area, while Pinot Noir finds its optimal conditions in the vineyard Pfenningberg, a very steep mica schist.  Our Rieslings and Grüner Veltliners represent top quality from Austria:  wines rich in elegance and finesse from Kremstal. 

The philosophy of our winery

"The trick is to create a perfectly balanced wine, bringing everything from the vineyard unscathed to the bottle: fruit, finesse, elegance, density and minerality." - Martin Nigl

The Family

Martin Nigl and his family cultivate some of the best locations in the Krems Valley. Together they run the winery, as well as the hotel and restaurant-part of the business. A passionate winemaker who produces pristine wines of the highest quality.


There needs to be a perfect interaction between soil and vine to harvest optimal grapes. Above all, the latest knowledge, the proximity to the vineyards and many years of experience are crucial here. However, it takes passion and intuition in dealing with the grapevines, soil and climatic conditions in each individual vineyard to get the most out of them.

Conscientious interaction

The Cellar

Here in the cellar, the "duty" takes place: the perfect craftsmanship of working with the available material. That requires the highest level of hygiene, care and delicacy. It is the art of deliberate idleness, which puts the character of the respective locations and vintages in the foreground. The fresh, aromatic white wines are matured in steel tanks, the vintage wines stored on yeast in large wooden barrels for one year and then bottled gently.


The Region

Located approximately 70 km northwest of Vienna in a side valley of the Danube, the stone terraces around Senftenberg offer the ideal conditions for the finesse and elegance of our wines.


Soil & Climate

Primary rock soils with weathering of granite, gneiss, mica schist and amphibolite provide minerality. The locations, as well as the strong temperature fluctuations at the time of maturity, give the wines their cool aromas. After hot summer days, the nights that follow bring coolness of the surrounding Waldviertel and thus promoting the aroma.

The grape harvest often lasts for many weeks (up to 2 months). We usually go through each vineyard several times, to ensure that only the ripest grapes are harvested. In this way we can guarantee the highest possible quality of our wines.


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