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100 Points Riesling Hochäcker Privat 2021

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Falstaff Kremstal DAC CUP Winner Riesling Hochäcker Privat 2020

  We are happy about winning this year's Kremstal Riesling DAC CUP with our Riesling Hochäcker 2020.

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Double winner of this year's Falstaff Kremstal DAC Rieden CUP 2019

We are happy about the great ratings for wines and our winery at the new Falstaff Wine Guide 2019/2020.  We are one of the just 19 wineries from Austria which received the highest rating of 5 stars for our winery. Meaning 5 stars " A winery that always produces extraordinary quality which can bes sourced only from the country`s best terroir. This producer is among the best in the world and enjoys international recognition and demand. Falstaff Ultimate Wineguide 2019/2020."  

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